The True Story of Taiga

Taiga is a psychedelic indie rock band making original music in Austin, TX. They started as a guitar and drums two piece in 2012 and have since expanded their group to add a second guitarist and a bassist. They have played shows all across Texas, and have recorded three EPs along with some singles.

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Two musicians with a taste for psychedelic rock, indie pop, and roots music met in Austin, TX in late 2012 and began jamming together on a regular basis. Drummer Jack Alden and guitarist Brad Pendleton developed a strong appreciation for each other's musical sensibilities and decided to start playing shows around town. Initially touting themselves as a two-piece guitar and drums outfit, they were often praised for having a much fuller and more dynamically rich sound than most two-piece bands.

In 2013 they recorded an initial demo EP called 'For Starters...' on which they decided to throw in bass lines and harmonic vocals to beef up the sound. Soon after, a guitarist and friend from one of their favorite local bands approached them and offered to play bass for them live. The chemistry they had with Owen Platt on bass worked, and the three of them have been playing shows jam-packed with all original music all around Texas ever since, gaining recognition for their expansive sound and quirky sense of humor.

In 2014, they completed a concept EP entitled 'A Dreamer's Debt' on which they developed their studio skills by writing more full arrangements for songs they had written throughout their time as a two and three-piece band. The EP was a musical journey featuring a diverse landscape of indie, rootsy, orchestral music and psychedelic hard rock sprinkled with tinges of country and synth pop.

After a slight change in their line-up with Jack Alden switching over to guitar and vocals, they brought Pat Hopkins on board to play drums. Pat toured with them from 2014 to 2015, and lent his talents to the three singles they recorded during that time. Eventually Pat left the band after deciding to move back to Wisconsin and be closer to his family.

The band brought in Greg Shamburek to play drums after he offered to replace their former drummer in the summer of 2015. He had been attending their shows regularly since their inception, picking up the rhythms and time changes quickly which allowed the group to keep pushing through with only about a month hiatus from playing live shows. The year he joined, the band would find themselves touring all across Texas, including their furthest trek East at the time to Lubbock.

Taiga began work on their latest EP "Dumb Dumb Pop" in the fall of 2016. They decided to take more creative control of the sound, recording drums at Rockshaw Records with Darryl Shaw-Rockley and the rest of the instrumentation in Jack's apartment. This minimalist approach allowed them more creative freedom throughout the mixing phase, and "Dumb Dumb Pop" thus more accurately reflected the sound and vision they had been striving for since their first EP.

As of late, Taiga have been pushing their musical abilities into the abstract and danceable all at once, creating songs that blend a poppy, rhythmic bounce with odd time signatures and angular chords. The future for Taiga can only hold more musical innovation and barrier crossing as they continue this fun yet thoughtful journey.

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