Playing Music is So Much Fun
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Written By: Jack Alden

Fri Jun 16, 2017 @ 4:59 AM

The title of this article is a bit obvious, but I just have to say that we have some of the greatest fans a band could ask for.  The people who make it to almost every show we play and continually encourage us to keep creating the music we do really keep us going, and we are incredibly grateful each and every time we see you guys at one of our shows!

We just had an amazing time playing the Sahara Lounge with our good friends from Kalijah who always do a great job of lining up amazing shows with us.  The opening act Beta. was a super-talented singer and she had a great set with a very original sound all her own.  During our set, everyone in the audience was making us feel lots of love and you all are so beautiful.  After our set, Kalijah kilt it and we got to meet some really cool Austinites out in the back patio/lounge area.

Thanks to everybody for showing up, I want to give shout outs to my bandmates for being some really awesome guys to play music with, and big thanks to everybody who keeps on supporting us!  We love you all and will continue to be out there playing our hearts out!

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